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Tasting Peace

This past week I taught my first ever in-person group meditation class. The class was in a boring classroom (not a place you'd think would lead to experiences of inner peace). But in no time I was in pure heaven! Meditation with others is such a powerful practice for me, and I knew right away that this was Pure Perfection! I knew that the pain that the students were experiencing was not their true selves. What they really are is peace and love and light. When I led them to the heart center and they experienced peace, silence, and light. They had no idea how significant that moment was. Perhaps, for the first time ever they learned a tool to help them access the key to their peace of mind and happiness. They could decide right then and there to start life with a whole new way of being. Eventually, with practice the tools of heart based meditation and heart centering anyone can learn to access the states of enlightenment every moment of every day. What would it be like to be in a state of inner peace all the time? What would it mean for you and those around you? Understanding that this state is here for us and ready to access is key. If only those students in my class realized how close they were to having what they desire in life....they really would commit to the practice more. What if they could trust that this really was the key to their inner growth and development? What if they could trust that this really was the key to their happiness, true health, creativity, and peace.

The next step for me is helping people commit to the practice and really bringing it into their lives in a more meaningful and deeper way!

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