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Thank You!

I'm so grateful to all the people I've been blessed to spend time in nature with. Each experience is such a gift for me, and I remember each person's presence so well! It truly is my dream to bring people together in nature to experience the beauty and peace all around. That has the effect of actually growing our hearts, which makes a tremendous impact on our planet!


Shinrin Yoku and Forest Bathing

Sharing perfect moments in nature with others is really profound. Reading these words bring so much joy to my heart! 

Nature Connection Group

This class was a 4-week opportunity to gather online with like-minded nature loving individuals to share our experiences observing nature. I hope to organize it again in the future. 

Ayurveda and Spiritual Mentoring Private Clients

The opportunity to guide these amazing individuals on their healing journey was a profound learning experience. It's amazing how the art of Ayurveda and the power of presence can create so much change and transformation.

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