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We are all one!

Radiant Life Within serves as a guide for people to connect with nature in their own way for their own benefit. We respect that each person has a unique perspective. We all come from different circumstances, backgrounds, challenges, interests, and goals. We view nature as the teacher.

Fern Plant

Our Values


We treat each person, animal, and plant with a

friendly kindness. We have compassion and curiosity for those that are different from us or are suffering. We feel empowered to create a peaceful world where people are kind all the time.


We are

all part of something greater. We make our spiritual practice a priority because we feel a deep connection to something greater. We enjoy inspiring others to connect with spirituality through nature together as a group.


Through being present to our own experiences, we can access our true authentic selves. It is important for us to be aware and present to ourselves, all people, and aspects of nature because we believe they all have something valuable to share with the world.


We are constantly in awe of and grateful for the

beauty around us. It is important for us to live life through the lens of positivity, growth, and inspiration. We view our lives here as heaven on earth. We are constantly looking ahead and imagining our own utopia.  

Tree Trunk Texture

Our mission is to create a safe place in the forest for people to:

  • Come together in nature.

  • Heal in nature.

  • Transform in nature.

  • Rest in nature.

  • Gain spiritual awakenings in nature.

  • Blossom their creativity in nature.

  • And most of all enjoy their lives in nature.

Martina's Purpose Manifesto and Big Vision

We are perfect as we are. There is no need to change.


When we get to know our true nature, we realize we are whole and complete.


The problem is we don't realize we are whole. We feel incomplete, and we are looking for what is missing in all the wrong places.


I’m called to serve as a guide to help people rediscover their wholeness and experience connection with our true selves and one another.


I see wholeness in everything. 


I have a gift for inspiring others with enthusiasm.


I live in connection and alignment with the consciousness of the universe.


I have an extraordinary ability to invite a peaceful and friendly presence in those around me.


I am committed to using these gifts to create a world of happiness, peace, and connection for all so that people choose to celebrate each moment of their lives as a gift. 

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