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Meet Martina

Mother, Maine Guide, Educator, Master Gardener,  Spiritual Mentor, Shinrin Yoku Guide, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher

Martina Dittmar lives in Surry with her husband, 9 year old son, pets, and garden. She spent a lot of time in nature as a child. When she grew up in New Hampshire she remembers collecting wildflowers, acorns, caterpillars, and toads. She enjoyed laying in the tall grass watching dragonflies and going for long walks in the woods on paths of soft pine needles.

Hiking was Martina’s primary connection to nature. This passion started in childhood and continued in her teens and 20’s where she hiked on trails in California in high school and backpacked across Europe through trails in Greece, Ireland, and Spain.


The connection to plants and nature led to her focus on studying biology in college. Plants remained her main companions as she led a lonely life moving a lot. She lived in 22 places from ages 6-32! Cooking is another connection to the earth and plants that Martina has enjoyed from a young age. She loves the smells, textures, colors, service, and creativity of preparing food. 


Finally, Martina settled in Surry, Maine where she has lived for the past 15 years!  Since then, she has enjoyed gardening, yoga, and meditation. The main takeaway she received from yoga and meditation retreats was a desire to simply sit in nature. Over the years she has been doing that more often. Through sitting in nature, she has been inspired to create poetry and paintings and develop her intuition. 

The main challenge Martina has had in her life is being overwhelmed and not taking time to slow down and enjoy what’s in the moment. She gets big ideas and focuses her energy on completing tasks. The pressure created by “doing” and accomplishing creates a fast moving energy that isn’t peaceful. She gets consumed by the tasks and wants to rush in order to reach an end goal.

Pausing to notice the beauty of nature in the garden and the forest has been Martina’s main passion and reminder to enjoy life. Over the years Martina had stopped more to sit under the grape vines, write poetry about the flowers, observe ground beetles, or watch the sunset. These moments of stillness and silence have become the main source of joy in her life! 

Come home to your true nature!



  • 1997 Bachelor of Science in Biology, Lewis & Clark College

  • 2006 Masters in Arts of Teaching, University of Maine, Orono

  • 2009 Yoga Teacher Training with Sivananda, Val Morin, Quebec 200 hours

  • 2010 Master Gardener Volunteer Training, Hancock County, Maine

  • 2010 Child Light Yoga Teacher Training

  • 2015 500-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Wild Open Heart Yoga, Blue Hill, Maine

  • 2018 Gentle Yoga Teacher Training, Sivananda, Grass Valley, CA

  • 2019-2020 Ayurveda Practitioner Training Course, New World Ayurveda

  • 2019-2020 Spiritual Mentoring Training, New World Ayurveda

  • 2020-2021 Pranic Healing, New World Ayurveda

  • 2021-2022 Truth, Love & Marketing Business Course

  • 2023 The Mindful Tourist Forest, Bathing Certification

  • Registered Maine Guide in Recreation

  • Wilderness First Aid Certified

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