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Find Your True Heart in Nature

Each morning, I wake up early to write and connect with my higher self, soul, or divine guidance. It's been an incredible practice of insights and healing on so many levels. I begin the practice with an intention or question that has been on my mind. The most recent guidance I received from my soul is written below. It answers the intention of "writing about finding my true heart in nature."

Trees in the forest with Light
Heart Light of the Forest

"Imagine that you are sitting in the forest watching the sun's rays shine through the pine needles onto the forest floor. You see the shadows dance, feel the breeze on your skin, and smell the balsam fir in the air. You are so relaxed and comfortable and maybe even falling asleep. You notice after sitting in the forest that your thoughts have lessened.

It begins to feel what only could be described as inner peace. There is real silence within and around you. That silence is so peaceful that you crave it more and more. So you go into nature any chance you get to witness it's peace.

Eventually, there is a small light in the space of the silence. That light grows and grows, so it's almost like you become the sun.  You are so bright, and rays of light are pouring from your heart and body in all directions. The light allows you to experience the world with a deeper connection. The plants animals, soil and rocks around feel like they are part of you.

For the first time in your life, you feel deeply connected rather than alone. You notice the beauty that is everywhere: a drop of water on a branch, the blue sky with some clouds, a small patch of green moss. These things are so beautiful that they actually hurt your heart. You think your heart will burst out of your chest and pop. You are so happy to be in a state of joy, bliss, and oneness.

You even begin to write about what you experience because the words simply flow, but also because you want to share what you've discovered with others. You hope to relieve others from their suffering and pain. You know what they are feeling because you've been there too: feeling disconnected, alone, and lost.  Each day is simply the same as the next: repetitive chores trying to get things done. You remember the feeling of "is this all there is for me?" Going into nature has changed all that.

Your heart has grown, and you are filled with so much positive and pleasurable sensations in your body. It's almost like you are having ecstatic experiences in the forest. You feel like you are in heaven, and eventually you are able to feel the same way without going into nature. Even going to a grocery store you feel a connection with others so strong that you do all you can to not talk to everyone. You find beauty in your own house, family, and yourself. Simple things like washing dishes become a feast for your senses. You find great pleasure and joy in your life. All your other desires seem to disappear. You only want to be in that realm of heaven on earth. You want to rest there forever."

That is my experience of having my heart opened in nature. Writing about it in the third person was actually a great way for me to view it. I now really understand myself more and realize how significant going into nature was for me. I also understand why I have a strong desire to invite others. It's because I want to share the release from suffering and addiction to thinking that most of humanity has had for so long.

I've been judging my desire to share this nature experience because I thought I wanted to change others. It almost feels like it was my ego wanting success, recognition, or affirmation.

Now I see for the first time that it was not my thinking mind that wants others to join me. It was my heart! It longs for deeper connection with others. To be in nature with others while opening our hearts would fulfill a need I have for further heart connection and healing of our planet. I even have compassion for my heart because I have been ignoring its deepest wish for so long. The tenderness I feel from my heart to bring people together is something I would like to honor and finally listen to. I've just connected with my heart's truest desire, and I'm so overjoyed. Thank you for taking the time to read about my experience.

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