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Welcoming Silence

Welcoming Silence

I’ve been wondering lately about the question, “How do I make more space in my life?” It feels too busy; like there’s too much stuff, too much activity, and too many ideas that I’m chasing. The answer I received this morning was to “Welcome the silence into my mind.” It’s all in my mind how I view my experience. When I bring more silence inside my entire perspective will change from one of busyness to one of spaciousness. 

Remembering to pause often and welcome the silence isn’t hard for me. For almost a year I’ve had an alarm on my phone each hour to remind me to pause, take some breaths, and return to silence and stillness. But all too often I am busy doing something more important when that alarm goes off, and I turn it off without doing the mini meditation. 

So today I’m ready to embrace silence with a gentle determination. I can imagine living with silence inside. It feels like empty space in my mind without the constant bombardment of thoughts of things to do, judgments about the world, or feelings of overwhelm. It feels like inner peace and ease.

I just meditated for 20 minutes with the intention to welcome the silence. It’s really a window into a world where I know well. I’ve entered it many times during meditation or in nature. It’s like a fabric or world where I’m held in safety. The light pours through this space and I feel a natural joy and bliss to be alive. It is really incredible. 

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