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My True Self

You have been with me always....

when I was born in a hospital feet first and my mom almost died. when I took my first steps on the green grass. when I first met my younger sister who would become my best friend. when I learned my parents were going to get divorced at age 6. when my mother married someone else with other children. when I first held hands with a boy I had a crush on in 6th grade. when I traveled across the country 3 times in high school. when I was in college sailing on a schooner in Newfoundland. when I had my first intimate experience with a man during a summer job in the Ozarks of Arkansas. when I worked on a schooner in Key West and fell in love with a sailor that found us jobs in Bermuda. when I backpacked across Europe and felt so lonely every day. when I fell in love with a Greek man living in a small mountain village in Crete and loved there for a year. when I did my first meditation retreat. when I met my husband, who I knew right away I was going to be with for the rest of my life. when I taught public school and dreaded every day, but had the courage to quit. when I spend time learning yoga, ayurveda, energy healing, kayak guiding, gardening, spiritual mentoring, and more. when my son was finally home after 4 days of labor and 2 trips to the hospital after hoping for a home birth. when I started to focus on being present with life, rather than doing, and life started to really improve. when I decided I had the readiness to start my own healing business to help others have inner peace and happiness.

You are my true self, my essence, my higher self, my heart. I am so connected to you know, and I am so grateful!!

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