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Tin Can Beach

In today's Peace is Nature podcast episode, Ann from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada joins us again. She sits at one of her favorite spots near her house on the Bay of Fundy. She notices the birds, the water, and the rocks. I really appreciate how she shares her personal stories about losing her husband, and that nature has provided so much solace to her since then. It is extremely inspiring to me. I also enjoy her knowledge about the local area, especially the nearby island where Irish immigrants were quarantined before allowing to come to the mainland.

Are you ready to stop and notice the details in nature? Send me an email with an audio file of 7-10 minutes. Also include 3-5 sentences about you and a couple photos. Think of the magic as more and more people connect to nature in a meaningful way!

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Each Thursday on social media I'll be sharing practical tips for connecting with nature. And soon I'll be offering nature walks for people of all ages in Surry, Maine where we will pause, drink tea, and listen to the silence in the forest! You can keep in touch with my offerings by signing up for my weekly newsletter on my website.

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