Join Martina, Registered Maine Guide and meditation teacher, for classes and walks in nature to help people connect with the beauty and magic of the natural world and the present moment. 


be inspired
by nature

Our busy lives are filled with so many distractions that people often feel like something is missing. We're taught to fill our lives with excessive thinking or accomplishments or material wealth. We think we can find what's missing by looking outside of ourselves. I'm called to help people deeply connect with nature through their hearts, so people can feel wholeness and connection in their lives. 

Which path will you choose?


Path to Curiosity

Scavenger hunts, naturalist hikes, look for moose, Ayurveda and yoga, cooking classes


Path to Connection

Sitting in the silence of the forest, family nature walks, teambuilding, nature meditation


Path to Service

Citizen science nature walks, trail building, gardening projects

Path to Creativity

Arts and crafts from nature, writing in nature, Adopt a Tree Club, survival skills


Come find the Joy of Life in Nature

Private Hikes and Walks coming in Fall 2022!!