Are you ready to heal from within?

It's time to start your journey of transformation.

  • You are committed to making a change in your life

  • You are able to dedicate time each day to self care and spiritual practice

  • You are interested in learning an effortless meditation practice

  • You have already started a journey of healing, but would like to dive deeper

  • You are interested in learning the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and apply it to your life

  • You are open minded about energy, angels, and other aspects of the non-physical realm

I'd love to walk with you on the healing path. Would you like to learn tools and techniques to help you heal now and for the rest of your life? Only YOU know what you need to heal. All too often in our age of information we use the mind to seek help with our problems outside of ourselves for the answers, such as the internet, experts, doctors, or books. What if you could TRUST that you have the power to heal yourself? The place of Pure Consciousness has tremendous healing potential. When you connect to this place, you connect to your own inner wisdom.

Meet Martina

Ayurvedic Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor

My mission: To help people heal on a deep level by strengthening their connection to Pure Consciousness through Ayurveda, Heart Based Meditation, and Spiritual Mentoring. You are already interested in healing your health using alternative methods. But perhaps a piece of the puzzle is missing. I am committed to being your guide on your journey to find the missing links and complete the entire puzzle of your being, so it all fits together physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Then you can enjoy real health, happiness, and peace of mind.





Heart Based Meditation

Learn how to meditate using an effortless practice that can bring tremendous healing, happiness, and peace to your life. 

You will experience the place of your true self within, which is your connection with Pure Consciousness.

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An Ayurvedic practitioner can feel your pulse and assess the balance of elements in your body. Through simple lifestyle changes, yoga, breathwork, meditation, herbs, and diet the body can be brought to a state of health. 

Calm Sea

Spiritual Mentoring

  • Learn ways to be in presence through the heart

  • Heal your subconscious emotional and energetic patterns

  • Develop your intuition 

  • Discover your true purpose in life

  • Calm your nervous system and lower your stress level

  • Balance your chakras

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Community Classes

  • Yoga classes

  • Empathy Circles

  • Cooking Classes

  • Healing Light Yoga

  • Practical Tips Using Ayurveda


The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Discovering Your True Heart.

Begin Your Journey Today.