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Nature is Calling

Going in the woods with my son this summer has opened up some doors for me. I have really learned a lot. These are some things that have been coming into my awareness a lot.

🌲Nature Heals...all we have to do is allow it. 

🌲When we sit in nature and receive, we start to embrace it's qualities of stillness, silence, beauty, and peace that are also inside of us. 

🌲When we slow down our bodies and minds, quiet our voices, and deeply rest we can connect with a deeper part of ourselves.

🌲In nature there is no planning, trying , or agenda. We remain open to surrender to what life has in store for us.

🌲Each thing in nature (plant, animal, thought, person, place) is accepted as perfect. With an open heart we can heal the shadow of judgement that creates walls.

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