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The Importance of Letting Go and Relaxing

Letting go and surrendering to each moment is hard. There's always a resistance to the discomfort and a voice (ego) wishing for things to be different than they really are. Having awareness of that voice is the first step to letting go and accepting each moment as perfect.

In letting go and deeply relaxing, the physical body functions better and our health improves. Pains and tensions are dissolved. Blocks and stickiness are released and replaced by a flow filled with the positive energy of the universal pure consciousness. 

When we relax the body deeply we also relax the mind and emotions and allow ourselves to let go and trust in the earth. We learn to not have effort and struggle all the time, but set intentions gently and allow them to unfold when the time is right. 

During relaxation we learn to tap into the subtle energies of our being. We can begin to experience the presence and loving support of our angels, guides, and ascended masters and trust that their guidance can lead us.

Rather than trying, doing, exercising, and effort we learn how to completely relax into life like the droplets of water in the ocean going with the flow.

A relaxation practice can even allow us to accept each struggle in our life with grace as we remain open to what it has to teach us.

Relaxation allows our entire being (physical, emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual) to rest the generations of exhaustion that we have been carrying around so that we can begin to have energy to live our life's purpose.

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