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What does it mean to live a life of integrity and perfection?

What does it mean to have integrity and live a life of perfection? It really reminds me of a tree- strong and straight and grounded. It does this through just being. The tree has no need to voice its opinion. It lives it's idealistic life by being itself. This is perfection when each moment is accepted without judgment. Accepting the imperfections and realizing that they too are perfect is perfection. Perfection is a love of living and of life in all forms. It's an expression of your uniqueness and your essence without trying to fit into the expectations of others. Living a life of integrity is about having a deep sense of belonging as well as being grounded in your own inner truth. Having integrity is about witnessing and accepting the shadows and negativity that is inside and outside of us (rather than running away or distracting ourselves). Integrity and perfection is about receiving the light through a deep acceptance and bringing it into your heart for all to witness. I have struggled with the deep fear of the judgments of others and have criticized myself for the lack of perfection in many areas of my life. The self criticism has turned into a deep dive into self help, self care, and transformations of deep shadows that I have been carrying since childhood or from the collective. I am so grateful to be aware of the power the shadows have on allowing me to improve my life to one of perfection. I am almost there....almost to the point of deeply accepting all my imperfections and those of others as completely perfectly divine! Visiting the forest and witnessing the perfection of the trees has been an amazing experience.

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