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Gifts of Ayurveda

All of the Ayurvedic practices I do don't sound life changing, But when all put together, they create healing, health, happiness, and inner peace. I am so grateful for the science of Ayurveda that has further deepened my connection to nature. I've always enjoyed nature and gardening, but now the connection is more of honor and a sincere reverence of her wisdom and beauty. My life has changed so much in the past 3 years since diving into consciousness based healing and Ayurveda.

(These Hopi Red Amaranth plants have an interesting story. The seedlings all self sowed and showed up this spring growing in the fire pit! My son saw them all, and I moved them to the garden (along with lots of ashes and coal). They didn't seem to do all that well this year. They were covered with wild nearby plants of grapevines and sungold tomatoes. But when I put them all together in a bunch yesterday, there was an incredible gift of a gorgeous bouquet. This is just like what Ayurveda offers m

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