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Compassionate Gardening

For the first time in years, I have a zucchini in my garden today! I've had such problems with cucumber beetles and squash bugs in the past, that I have given up trying to grow them (and I'm too lazy for row cover). What did I do differently this year? It's an experiment that began years ago when I stopped being angry and killing garden "pests." It has worked with Japanese Beetles on my grapes. They still come, but there are not many.

I believe that when we heal our relationships with the animals on a deep energetic level, that they will stop bothering us. There's a trust in the balance of nature. I'll let you know what happens this year with the zucchini. The cucumber beetles are here, and instead of hatred, I have been grateful and saying "hello" to them. I tell them how beautiful they are almost daily.

About 5 days ago my kale were covered in cabbage butterfly caterpillars. In the past I would have picked them off in disgust. This time I left them on the plant and said, "thank you." Three days later all the caterpillars were gone with minimal damage to the plants.

It feels so nice to be at peace with the animals that inhabit my garden!!

Some tips to be a compassionate gardener

  1. Plant a simple garden that is not too much work. This is about self-compassion.

  2. Take time to sit in your garden and enjoy it. Another way to offer love to yourself and the beings that live in your garden.

  3. Practice not harming any "pests." Just offer them gratitude and love and observe what happens.

  4. Let your garden be untidy. Allow the weeds to grow wild on the edges. Be delighted with the insects and birds that come to visit!

  5. Make a commitment to stop using any chemicals.

  6. Let a section of your grass grow tall. Notice how much beauty it brings to see the plants reach their maturity.

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