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The canoe is calling me like nothing I've ever experienced. The image of flowing down a river moving ever so gently almost brings me to tears. It makes my heart ache for a life where I am at home. How have I gone 46 years on earth and not be drawn to this till now? It's more than a simple is a part of me. It's effortless with a deep sense of wisdom and power. It's peaceful, silent, still, and so full of life. It's a tremendous patience. It's taking in life all around you like a sponge- absorbing the subtle signs of nature with your senses. It's feeling at one with nature herself- so embedded in the plants, animals, water that they all flow through my blood and beat through my heart. It's not the ocean. It's not a lake. It's a river. It's a letting go. It's a journey. It's a meditation in motion. The canoe is an extension of my body. I am so at one with this boat. I love it as though it is me. The low smoke hanging over the water early in the morning, the sun low in the sky waking up the world, and the signs of life moving with the waking sun. Sitting by the river after a long day cooking biscuits on an open fire while I watch the stars and listen to the night sounds. Never in my life have I daydreamed or fantasized about nature with this much intensity. I know this is a part of me...perhaps in a previous life. Sometimes you just just know. (The great thing about this writing is that the images that come up are symbolic of what I value and love. The important thing is not going on a canoe river trip, but embodying these images and feelings in my day to day life!)

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