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The Clarity of Nature

As I get closer to the end of my 9-month business class, my mind is filled with so many ideas and contemplations about what I want to bring to the world, what my own struggles have been, and the big vision I see for myself and the world. These are some of the deep topics we have been exploring over the course. It has been truly life-changing to bring it all together in a story and words that make logical sense.

I often find myself trying to figure it all out. But when I go to nature my mind melts away and I am caught in the beauty of life all around. Then I have more clarity and space regarding important decisions to make or ideas that I have.

Yesterday Jesse and I found a very quiet trail that we have never been to. I'm so thankful for going on these adventures with him, and I look forward to using my Maine Guide License to bring other people with us very soon!

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