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Kindness Arrives

I’m not sure if it’s because we have removed Jesse from the pressure of school or because he has matured on his own, but he has been overcome with waves of kindness that I’ve never seen!

My father in law, John, has been living with our family for the past week. He’s facing the end of his life with a brain tumor diagnosis in November. With Jesse being home full time the two of them have been sort of inseparable. Jesse has brought John a new enthusiasm for life. They have played hide and seek, walked in the woods, and watched tv together.

What has surprised me is the constant kindness Jesse has been offering John. From peeling his oranges to helping him play Bananagrams and continually making conversation with him. I’m not sure what’s going through Jesse’s mind, but it’s incredible to watch.

Again, I’m amazed at the synchronistic timing of these 2 circumstances (Jesse being homeschooled and John coming to live with us). I truly believe it’s all part of a greater plan that we never could have imagined until now.

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