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All is Well

Life goes in cycles. In nature there's periods of growth and periods of rest. Our lives have the same ebbs and flows. The past few weeks have been filled with activity and the movement of Spring. The invitation to sit in the stillness of nature that I had in the winter isn't very strong. The past couple days I have felt more drawn to slow down the intensity. Nature really helps me do this. She invites me to pause; to be totally present and stop the chaos for a moment.

I have taken many moments during the day to invite these pauses recently. When I open the door to let the dog outside in the morning I notice the shining dew drops on the grass. On the way to the car to drive Jesse to school I stop and observe the chickadees and phoebes perching nearby. These invitations to pay attention to the beauty around are always there. It's when we accept the invitations that the magic happens.

In that space of the pause all is well. All of my worries and concerns melt away. There is nothing to figure out or solve because the present moment is utterly perfect. The pain that I have been feeling all my life that something is missing in me or my life doesn't exist in this place. It turns out that nothing is missing. All is truly fine.

Here are some photos from our trip to Castine yesterday. We were delighted to discover emerging ferns, skunk cabbages, bluets, violets, and Muscovy Ducks. These hissing ducks are from South America. People keep them on their farms or yards and they escape into the wild. My intuition said their message to us is "All is perfect. Anything goes."

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