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Family natures walks are fun!

Jesse, my 7 year old son, and me are looking forward to sharing the trail in the woods behind our house with you! The woods have been my sanctuary, my space for healing, and my primary entertainment since I moved to this house about 14 years ago. When Jesse was born we would go on 2-3 walks a day for the first 2 years of his life. Now that he's developed his own interests, it's apparent that he shares my love of nature! Even though the trail seems pretty simple, we find something different to appreciate each time we walk on it. 

Each month will be a different theme. All ages are welcome. Tickets are required for ages 5 and up. The walk is limited to 10 people. Kids 4 and under are free. Bring bug repellent, a towel (if you don't want to sit on the plain ground, and some water. 

We will begin each walk with an introduction to each other and go over some guidelines for walking on the trail. Discover the magic in the woods with us! Email me at for questions. The walks will still continue if there is rain!

Please purchase tickets for each trip 1 month prior to the start date. I'm only posting the payment for 1 trip at a time.

April 24

Sounds of Spring


Nature Journaling


Tree and Plant Walk


Bug Walk


Nature Journaling


Tree and Plant Walk


Fall Forest Scents


The Sleeping Forest

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