Brahmi is well known in Ayurveda as a strong nervine and brain tonic. It calms the nervous system, so it can be used for anxiety,  insomnia,  and excessive thoughts. It improves concentration and brain function, and it is used by yogis to aid in meditation. 

 I use this 2 ways every day. The first is as a nasya oil, which is oiling the nasal passages. It has transformed my health because the lubrication prevents the sinus from drying out.  When they dry out, especially in the winter months, they compensate by creating more mucus.  So keeping them oiled each day prevents mucus from forming. I also use this on the soles of my feet each night for a sound sleep. I can also be used as an abyanga or self massage oil. It is calming to all 3 doshas, but in excess can aggravate vata.

Brahmi Oil 1 oz.


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