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Jennifer H.,

Ayurvedic Practitioner and        Dietitian/Nutritionist

I am in deep gratitude for my work with Martina. She has profound spiritual awareness and a capacity to listen attentively while holding space. Over the course of several sessions, Martina lead me through some very powerful healing techniques to assist with moving through anxiety, worry and grief that I continue to utilize regularly.  The heart centering process has been a valued tool for me and I use it daily.


Morgan J., Ayurvedic Practitioner

When I first began working with Martina, I was a little scared to open up. It has always felt difficult expressing myself in front of others, especially new people. We later identified this pattern as 'the cork.'


The good thing about a cork is that it can be removed, placed aside for a moment of relief. Eventually, through my work with Martina, I came to realize that what I was sealing off was exactly the thing begging to be released. I don’t strain to sing as often anymore. One day I will belt.


Angela A., Director of Operations for Wild Fish Direct

Martina really is a natural healer. She is full of compassion and wisdom. When I started working with Martina, my eczema was the worst it's ever been. I've struggled with it on my right hand for six years until it suddenly started to spread to my left hand and arm, abdomen, and arm pits. Martina identified the source of my rash and flare ups as a Vata imbalance. With regular meditation, heart centering, daily oil massage, and dietary changes, my skin began to clear up. I now know what kinds of activities and foods make my rash worse and how I can manage or prevent flare ups. I feel more balanced in my mind and body and the knowledge I've gained is priceless.

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