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Nature Connection with Appreciation

Appreciation is a facet of the heart, and when we are in a state of appreciation more often our vibration increases, or we are uplifted. This state of a higher vibration creates wellbeing and creates health and happiness. Whether it's a soft yard of green grass or the scent of apple blossoms in the breeze, we can make a decision to experience nature with appreciation. Here are some tips for appreciating nature more.


Appreciation Tips in Nature

1. Make it a practice to observe details in nature that are interesting. You could put on a timer and see how many things you can find in that time.

2. Choose one item in nature that you really appreciate. Sit and observe it for and really experience what it feels like to notice it with all your senses.

3. Go on an appreciation scavenger hunt with others. See how many things people can find that they appreciate. Share with the group what you have found. Many people may notice something different than you did.

4. Use creativity to express your appreciation. Draw, paint, or write about the details of what you appreciate about a rock, leaf, tree, sky, or anything.

5. Make it a practice of appreciating nature as you transition from one place to the next. While you walk to your car, look at the clouds. Or while driving look out the window at the trees. This is a great way to pause and enjoy life, rather than being distracted in your mind.

Creating little moments during the day to pause and appreciate nature may seem like extra work. But it actually creates more space as we let go of our attachment to our thoughts. It really is easy to take 5 minutes a day to pause and notice the beauty around. Try it and let me know what it's like!

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