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I'd love to walk with you on the healing path.

Would you like to learn tools and techniques to help you heal now and for the rest of your life? Only YOU know what you need to heal. All too often in our age of information we use the mind to seek help with our problems outside of ourselves for the answers, such as the internet, experts, doctors, or books. 

What if you could TRUST that you have the power to heal yourself?

Are you ready to start your journey of transformation?

  • You are committed to making a change in your life

  • You are able to dedicate time each day to self care and spiritual practice

  • You are interested in learning an effortless meditation practice

  • You have already started a journey of healing, but would like to dive deeper

  • You are interested in learning the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and apply it to your life

  • You are open minded about energy, angels, and other aspects of the non-physical realm

  • Balance your doshas or elements in your body

  • Return your being to a state of wisdom aligned with mother nature

  • Improve your sleep, digestion, elimination, and menstrual cycle

  • Purify toxins from your body

  • Learn recipes to personally balance you

Spiritual Counseling
  • Heal your subconscious emotional and energetic patterns

  • Develop your intuition 

  • Discover your true purpose in life

  • Release stuck emotions that may be causing you pain and health problems

  • Calm your nervous system and lower your stress level

Meditation and Heart Centered Living
  • Learn Heart Based Meditation, which is effortless and restful

  • Connect with the field of Pure Consciousness to bring peace of mind, healing, happiness, and creativity to your life

  • Live from your true heart, rather than your mind and the outside world

  • Focus on a life of "being" rather than "doing"

  • Bring qualities of the heart to your life such as: peace, joy, love, and gratitude

  • Yoga postures focused on balancing your needs

  • Pranayama or breath work to powerfully bring change

  • Sound therapy and mantras to bring positive vibrations to your being

  • Crystal singing bowls to entrain your body's natural vibration towards health

Pranic Healing
  • Learn about your chakras and how to balance them

  • Use the breath to move subtle energy and release stuck patterns

  • Learn to let go and truly relax and surrender your body

  • Heal your body with very powerful and subtle techniques of mantra, mudra (hand positions), visualization, and marmas (pressure points)

  • Connect with higher energies for healing, such as angels and guides

Healing from Nature
  • Sit in nature and absorb the qualities of stillness, silence, and beauty within you

  • receive healings from the sun, trees, and nature

  • Learn to connect intuitively with plant spirits

  • Ground yourself in the outdoors and calm stress tremendously

  • Receive deep rest from the forest energy

  • Enjoy the simple pleasure of being alive while in nature

Supply List for Our Trip Together

Healing will happen when you allow it to. With the help of a guide and a deep commitment to heal tremendous changes can occur in your health, mind, and life! I offer 3 packages to aid you on your journey to balance. The difference between being unhealthy and being healthy is many small steps. Not one thing is going to help, but when various pieces of the puzzle are put back together...the light within you will return! 


Let's talk

Apply to work with me, then we will set up a complimentary 60 minute meeting to....

  • discuss your goals

  • learn about your concerns

  • introduce ourselves

  • learn about how I work

  • decide to schedule a second call to further discuss our plans together

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