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Rest, Nourish, and Heal

Learn the ancient practice of Abyanga, Ayurvedic self massage.

Friday, May 14 7:30-9 pm EST


Aromatherapy Oil

Would you like help calming your nervous system, improving your sleep, enhancing your immunity, or relieving pain and stiffness in your body? Learn how the ancient practice of Abyanga, or self massage can help you with these issues and much more.


 In this event of self love and deep relaxation you will:

  1. learn about the benefits of abyanga

  2. learn how to do the practice in detail

  3. do the practice on your own

  4. be guided in a relaxation journey while the oil soaks in


Before the class begins be sure to have these materials ready:

  1. oil - organic sesame oil (not toasted) or some sunflower oil (if you have tendencies of heat, rashes, hot flashes or heartburn). Send me a message if you are unsure which oil would be best for you. 

  2. a pot of hot water to put the jar or bottle of oil in to warm up. We will do this at the beginning of the meeting.

  3. towel that you don't mind getting oil on

  4. a robe or clothes that you could put on after the oil massage. They will get oily, so pick something that is not too fancy.


This class is taught by Martina Dittmar. Martina lives in Maine with her husband, 7 year old son, and pets. She enjoys gardening, nature, and cooking. Martina works with people to help them listen to their body's inner wisdom in order to heal from health problems. She does this through her work as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Spiritual Mentor. She teaches people how to meditate, improve their digestion, heal their bodies physically, mentally, emotionally,spiritually, develop their intuition, and live through their heart. 

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