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Heart Based Meditation

This is a 4 week class with 4 live (in person or zoom) meetings and online content in between. 

You will be supported in learning the effortless meditation technique known as Heart-based Meditation and learn some of the fundamentals of inner development.

What are some benefits of Heart Based Meditation?

1. It is so easy and relaxing.

2. It connects us to Pure Consciousness, which is what connects all things in the universe. 

3. We begin to experience tremendous growth in creativity, healing, bliss, peace, and love. 

4. It teaches us how to live from the heart space, rather than our minds

5. We begin to really feel peace of mind and a relaxed body.

6. Purification occurs in the meditation process that clears out patterns and blocks that we most likely aren't aware of.

What will you learn in the course? 


How to meditate using an effortless practice that can bring tremendous healing, happiness, and peace to your life


How consciousness development is the key to your inner growth 


The importance and practice of Heart Centering for integrating meditation benefits into your daily life



Christina K.

I can't begin to express fully how the meditation course has benefited me. It is a fresh and very attainable practice that has led to a great sense of peace for me. Good for those familiar with other meditation practices and those who are trying meditation,for the first time. You will love it!

Angela A.

I really enjoy using the mantra in heart-based meditation. It helps me let go mentally and physically. I also really enjoyed visualizing my heart space - it's an image I come back to whenever I feel stressed or anxious.

Hannah C.

Martina creates a relaxing and open learning environment, I felt very comfortable in the class even when I went in knowing nothing. The meditation itself is very restful and rejuvenating and easy for anyone to do!

Kara S. 

I really enjoyed and appreciated the Heart-Based meditation class because it helped me truly understand how to meditate and connect with my true self, as well as find more clarity.  I enjoyed the self-paced videos and how the type of meditation doesn't necessarily require any prescribed way to meditate.  Martina's knowledge is vast, and her guidance is skillful!


Class Schedule

Please contact me if you'd like to take this class in Fall of 2022 either in person or online. There are no scheduled classes for the summer of 2022.

To schedule a group class with your organization, please contact me at or call or text me at 207-610-3223.

This course is a donation-based fee. People pay varying amounts in order to strengthen their commitment to the practice. 

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