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Nature Adventures

In the Spring and Summer of 2022, I will be guiding walks in nature around Surry, Ellsworth, and Blue Hill, Maine. We will stop in nature to sit and observe the beauty around us. There will be time for art, writing, eating, and conversation about our experiences. 

Tree Sitting and Tea

Find some peace and quiet as you sit next to a large tree in the Maine woods. Trees and nature are here to help us. When we stop and pay attention, we can access a different perspective from the natural world. The small group will come together, drink tea, and share about our visits with the trees. 


Family Nature Walks

Join my son, Jesse, and me as we explore the woods in Surry, Maine. We will walk in small groups under 8 people to connect with nature through our senses. After some experiences of sitting and enjoying the beauty we will have tea and snacks over an open fire. 

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